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Workshop Details

The Experience workshop lasts three full days, including a one hour lunch break and several shorter breaks throughout the day. We conclude early enough each evening for you to enjoy a relaxing dinner and get a good night's rest. The workshop portion of the event concludes on the third evening.

The Experience begins on Friday morning, August 24, at 9 o'clock and concludes on Sunday evening. The Experience is taking place at the Sage Inn.

Day four is for you to rest and integrate what you have gained in the workshop. There is an optional (and highly recommended) gathering the evening of the 4th day. Please arrange your travel and work schedule to include this evening, as well as the three workshop days.

  • Tuition for The Experience is $450
  • Save $100: Register 30 days in advance and pay only $350
  • If you've taken The Experience before, we have a limited number of "Chance to Remember" spaces for available for just $250

Additional details, including lodging information, will be sent to you upon registration.

Register right now or call 505.988.2000.
We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and personal checks.

To find out how you can bring The Experience to your city, please contact Honey Ward at 505.988.2000 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Santa Fe is an added bonus

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The people have spoken! The people who read Condé Nast Traveler, that is. The 2006 Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards have been presented and Santa Fe won the silver medal for the third year in a row! Once again, Santa Fe took second place in the Top U.S. Cities poll. Against competition like New York, Honolulu, and Aspen, this is no small feat for The City Different. Cities were rated on their ambience, friendliness, culture, sites, restaurants, lodging, and shopping. With Santa Fe's unique combination of climate, history, people, and landscape, it's no wonder the readers of Condé Nast Traveler ranked it so highly.


Don't just take it from us; read what others have to say about The Experience.

Before The Experience, I didn't love myself enough or really take care of myself either. I spent all my time taking care of others instead, becoming burned out and resentful. In this workshop, I really learned how to love myself more and still be the loving, giving person I always was, without giving myself away, too. That gift of balance was powerful for me and it was a gift that I discovered within the structure and love of The Experience workshop.

Judith Johnson
Atlanta, GA

Honey's workshop is fantastic! Now I don't want to kick the crap out of my ex-boyfriend!

Janet Westrup
Santa Fe, NM

Honey Ward is an excellent leader, but is at her very best when dealing with life problems on a one-to-one basis. Somehow at once confrontational and accepting, she won't let you think one iota less of yourself than your full potential!

Steve Zeoli
Spring Lake, MI

As a gay man, there aren't a lot of guideposts for creating a successful relationship. The tools I got from The Experience help me form and maintain a deeper and more lasting bond with my partner.

Mike King
Computer & Business Consultant
Los Angeles

The Experience taught me how to respond, not react, to other people's stress and verbal outbursts. I use those tools everyday to be a more effective emergency physician. In high-stress interactions with the victims of disease, trauma, and abuse, the emotional turmoil of the Emergency Department can seem overwhelming. Since completing The Experience, I have become a better physician by moving quietly, effectively, and lovingly through multitudes of patients who need calm strength and effective and compassionate care.

Ted Switzer, MD
Freeport, TX

As an experiential educator, I have high standards when I enter a workshop environment. Without a doubt, this workshop met and exceeded my standards. I gained valuable knowledge and skills for both my professional and personal life. I now understand why this workshop is entitled "The Experience." It was a true experience of intimacy created within a group of people. The exercises, activities, workbook, journaling, and sharing helped to further open my heart to loving myself and understanding my own power to live a full and satisfying life. Without hesitation, I would recommend The Experience to anyone seeking a powerful personal growth experience or to professionals seeking to gain valuable skills for the work environment.

Anji Estrellas, M.A.
Executive Director, Impact
Santa Fe, NM

The Experience gave me tools to create a terrific life, including a successful business and more financial abundance than ever before.

Lynn Shepodd

The Experience weekend was the best personal investment I've ever made. It gave me the jump-start I needed in my life and career. I immediately gained improvements in my communication skills, interviewing techniques, personal focus, and work-life balance. As a result, my relationships have grown stronger, my career goals have been surpassed, and my life is richer than I ever imagined!

Dave Hoemann
V.P. of Food and Beverage
San Francisco

Although I participated in The Experience 25 years ago, the things I learned in the workshop come into play every single day of my life. Having a deeper understanding of how our emotions and attitudes work, realizing how decisions made as a child or a teenager affect my life as an adult, being able to communicate in a clearer fashion with family and friends, and knowing what our judgments of other people and their judgments of us are all about has made life much more effortless and much less difficult. Through the Experience I was able to get a very clear vision of how I wanted my life to be, and that is exactly how my life has been over the last quarter century.

Fred Bronson
Author, TV writer, magazine columnist
Los Angeles

Honey Ward lead this experience with such grace and heart. It's so rare to see someone generate so much insight and transformation so lovingly. It was a great experience just to watch how she related to people.

Perch Ducote
Management Consultant
New York

Simply put, The Experience teaches people how to live more powerfully.

Paul Kawata
Executive Director, National Minority AIDS Council
Washington, DC

You see, it's all about YOU and YOUR life—about experiencing your power and living at 100%.

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