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Let me tell you a story about my friend, Barbara Zusman; it might help you see what people get out of The Experience workshop.

A Santa Fe friend and neighbor, Barbara was also a fabulous and well-known artist who happened to be a graduate of The Experience.

Barbara passed away unexpectedly last week. When I saw her partner, Rachel, at a memorial gathering, she reminded me how important The Experience had been to Barbara, because it got her out of the house.

That may not sound like much to you, but it meant the world to them.

Barbara had been ill for some time, and became virtually housebound due to her regular need for oxygen. She felt embarrassed and uncomfortable going out with her tank of air.

With the support of The Experience, Barbara was able to reclaim her personal power and step outside of that limiting story which was holding her back.

We even started strategizing how she could use that little tank as a fashion accessory. She was able to laugh about it and feel bold once more.

Barbara’s health still wasn’t great, but her spirit was renewed and she let herself get out there and participate more fully in her life. She went out to lunch and dinner, and took in movies. I even saw her dolled up at a big deal fundraiser not too long ago. I tell you, it was a joy to behold!

A week ago, Barbara’s time ran out. I can still hear her laugh and it breaks my heart to know she won’t be calling again to see if we can go to lunch.

Perhaps you can relate. Maybe there’s something about your life that has kept you holding back, “housebound” in your own way. After a while you hardly realize you’re on a short leash. You may not notice, “But-cha ARE, Blanche”, as Bette Davis famously said.

Your life doesn’t need to be that way!

While your challenges may be different, I have never met a person who didn’t have at least one way in which they hold themselves back and limit their possibilities.

Maybe you are a big success in business, but have a hard time keeping commitments with yourself about your weight and fitness.

Maybe your body is picture perfect, but you feel as though your life has lost its meaning.

Maybe you have a highly evolved spiritual life, but fret over paying the rent.

Maybe you are the life of the party, yet yearn for a truly committed relationship.

Maybe all the pieces of your life look good to those of us on the outside, and yet you still somehow feel like a fraud.

I don’t know what holds you back, but you do.

In The Experience, you can discover and actually experience what it means to live more powerfully, to be fully self-expressive, and to connect deeply with yourself and others.

It isn't the same as reading a book or watching a movie; it's about deeply exploring and expanding yourself in real time.

Sometimes, living more powerfully feels like learning something new, and sometimes, it just feels like remembering-- remembering the freedom, wisdom, and joy that are innate to us as human beings.

The Experience is an opportunity for you to see your life, past and present, from many angles, showing you exactly what is working and what is not, and to reconnect with your truest self. In this expanded context, you will be able to see and experience your life, perhaps even your history, in a new light.

The Experience will help you Expand Your Consciousness & Master the Law of Attraction so you can enjoy more success and fulfillment every single day.

You can’t think your way out of limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. You’ll discover how to transcend them in The Experience.

You may not need oxygen, like Barbara did, but you may be suffocating just the same. Or maybe you’re just tired of playing it safe and are really ready to drop the barriers and live out loud!

No matter how great your life is right now, it can be even better. And if it isn't so great, we can really help.

It's time to start enjoying the spiritual life, financial abundance, relationships, and business success you deserve!

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