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Learning Self Acceptance PDF Print E-mail

By Kevin Sinclair

  Self acceptance is a large factor in the whole self esteem personal issue. Self acceptance is the acceptance of self for who you are. Self acceptance can be described as an agreement between you and you. A condition of this agreement is to appreciate and accept yourself and love you complete with what you may consider faults and also your positive points. Practicing self acceptance also means forgiving yourself, and cutting yourself some slack from time to time.

Lack of self acceptance leads to many self created challenges in life, and typically affects our relationship with ourselves and relationships with others. People who suffer from a lack of self acceptance often have a tenancy to conceal their true good natures and present themselves as something, or someone they are not to other people. Sadly, it becomes evident that the shoes they are wearing don't really fit, in a manner of speaking.

Lack of self acceptance actually creates a cycle that cements low self esteem. People who suffer low self esteem often feel that people don't like them. Unfortunately this is only partially true. It's not the person themselves that isn't liked; the fact is other people rarely even know who they are. They have never been their true self around other people so they have never had the opportunity to know if they are not as themselves. When people who suffer a lack of self acceptance allow themselves to be themselves, they soon learn that others truly enjoy their company.

A lack of self acceptance and its natural effect of contributing to low self esteem results in a lower success rate in the achieving of success in life. People who suffer low self esteem rarely have the confidence to strive for their desires. Those that do make some attempt to turn their wishes into goals are not usually so successful, they have not visualized a positive outcome in the beginning and will simply give up instead of pushing on when the way forward seems a difficult one. Basically people with low self esteem lack the confidence to succeed.

If you suffer from a lack of self acceptance there is so much you can do to rise up out of your present difficulties reach the desires you have been denying yourself for too long now.

Learn to forgive yourself. It is a natural part of the human experience that we should make mistakes. Our friends make mistakes, our families make mistakes. We forgive others when they may have acted in a way that might not have been acceptable. We forgive others when they are not so perfect. We owe it to ourselves to forgive ourselves just as we would any of our friends. The truth is that we love many of our friends because of their imperfections.

Learn to view your mistakes as lessons in life. The fact is that there is no such thing as a mistake, unless it is something that has somehow hurt someone else. The more lessons we learn in life the fuller our life experience is. Learn to be grateful of the lessons that gave you the opportunity to experience a richer, fuller life. There are times when we have unintentionally hurt someone along the way; usually this is someone we love. These people forgive us in a heartbeat, as we forgive them. If you may have bridges left to build, now is the time to make amends. Forgive yourself first and move on.

Sometimes people who suffer a lack of self acceptance genuinely do like themselves as people. They know they are a good hearted person, and the people who know them consider themselves lucky to count on them as a friend. For these people their lack of self acceptance lays in the things they don't like about their body. You might have a strong Roman nose and to you think this looks ugly. You might be taller or shorter; you might be a larger frame than some or a smaller one. Seriously do you think that people see this in you?

The truth is no-one cares what you look like. Most people are so caught up in what they look like they have never had the time to obsess over your lanky legs. And here's another truth, there is absolutely no such thing as an ugly man or an ugly woman. It's no old cliche that beauty comes from within, that's a fact of life. We are made in all shapes and sizes and this is what makes us interesting to others. I believe to be completely uninteresting is a far worse fate than not looking comic book perfect. Once you stop harping on yourself about the way that you look you will learn to see yourself the way your friends see you.

There is no doubt that one must learn to be self acceptance to be happy, content and successful in life. The good news is that positive self acceptance is not difficult at all when you learn to like yourself. The first step is understanding that we are very much our most critical of ourselves, far more than we are of others. Certainly we are much more critical of us than other people are of us.

To learn to accept yourself, you must learn to see yourself clearly simply look at yourself with the same eyes that other people see you with. Once you do this you can tear up that old contact that you had with yourself and create a whole new agreement, one that starts with "I promise to be nice to me".

Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of my-personal-growth.com, a site that provides information and articles for self improvement and personal growth and development.

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Applying The Power Of Gratitude
By Kevin Sinclair

  This prayer of gratitude was found on a scrap of paper in a rancid dormitory at the liberation of Ravensbruck Concentration Camp in Germany at the end of World War II.

"Lord, remember not only the men of good will, but also those of ill will. But do not remember all the suffering they have inflicted upon us. Remember rather the fruits we have brought, thanks to this suffering: our comradeship, our loyalty, our humility, the courage, the generosity, the greatness of heart that has grown out of this. And when they come to judgment, let all the fruits we have bourne be their forgiveness."

The Power of Gratitude is an extremely important aspect of attracting to you the abundance and happiness that you desire and deserve in your life.

How is it that gratitude can affect the life experiences that you encounter from day to day? The power of gratitude works on the brain. It is a useful approach to lifting the spirit to a higher frequency where deep and lasting happiness can occur.

There is a very simple reason why most spiritual traditions suggest that when praying we give thanks for what we already have rather than ask for what we do not have. The power of gratitude and the vibration it creates within us always attracts more good things to us. You were guided here to learn how the power of gratitude will transform your life into a dream come true.

There is a wonderful Hasidie parable about the power of gratitude to change the course of our destiny in a heartbeat. This is the speed it takes for a "thank you" to reach Heaven's ears.

Apply the power of gratitude to supercharge your success. You can do this by consciously training yourself to notice everything you have to be grateful for and by doing so, tap into the power of gratitude.

Gratitude is often overlooked and seldom ever considered to be an important aspect of re-programming your subconscious for success. Did you know that all the scientific reports that you read and hear about where folks excel after they adopted an attitude where gratitude was part of their everyday life or started to keep a Gratitude Journal are further testaments to the power of gratitude? Being grateful and seeing situations (good or "bad") as a blessing brings more joy and happiness into your life.

When you are thankful for something, no matter how small it is, you are initiating the Law of Attraction to get even more of what you want and deserve. Watch how the power of gratitude works to create peace, beauty and joy in your life. The most powerful attitude we can ever have is the attitude of gratitude.

By learning to appreciate what you have, you increase your ability to harvest the abundance of God's blessings. When you are able to fully develop that awareness, (and with a little practice, you will) not only is it an extremely freeing experience, but you are setting yourself up for a much greater flow of abundance and happiness being attracted to and coming into your life. The Universal Laws which govern everything in life are in place and you only need to learn to operate in harmony with them. When you do, it will allow you to attract the abundance and happiness that you desire.

Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of Be Successful News, a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.

The Help Of Natural Medicine
By James Yee

  When you get sick, you go to the doctor. And the doctor will, of course, prescribe medicines. You will go and buy medicines. You take them, and hopefully, you get well.

This is how the health profession goes on nowadays' a cycle of diagnosis and prescription.

If anyone were to give you herbs for medicine, you would probably say that that person was a quack.

But nowadays, studies are being conducted to see if there are really is any merit to what is called natural medicine.

Natural medicine is the use of natural methods, herbal medicines, and traditional practices to heal ailments. Every culture has a form of natural medicine. In ancient cultures, village medicine men served as the doctors of the community, passing on medical knowledge to the apprentices that followed them.

Many categories of the healing methods fall under natural medicine. Among these are traditional medicine, complementary medicine, and alternative medicine.

Usually, natural medicine refers to medical practices that were in place before the advent of modern medicine.

This includes herbal medicine, or phytotherapy, which is prevalent in Chinese, Ayurvedic(or Indian), and Greek medicine.

Upon the advent of modern medicine, many professionals discarded the use of herbs in favor of man-made medicine. The fact that these treatments are based on the healing properties of some herbs was forgotten.

For example, opium, digitalis, quinine, and aspirin all have their roots in traditional medicine.

Natural medicine can be considered as a lost art. This does not mean that it has lost efficacy over time. In some cases, natural therapy is actually better than modern medicine. This leads some doctors to seriously consider and study the possible uses of natural medicine

Before we continue, it is important to stress that not all the natural remedies are legitimate. It would help to only try those remedies which have been thoroughly studied and are relatively risk free.

Take herbal medicine for example. There are many well-documented and studied herbal remedies available. However, only those that deal with minor ailments such as cough, colds, fever, skin rashes, and its ilk are likely to be recommended by health professionals. These remedies are sometimes superior to synthetic medicine. This is because herbal medicines are less likely to cause negative side effects.

Currently there are numerous organizations that study the effects and advocacy of natural medicine ;among which is herbal medicine. Some governments and health agencies openly advocate the use of natural methods since they are inexpensive and relatively risk-free.

As their studies compile, more herbs and treatments are added to the list of accepted medicines. However, many herbs and treatments have been proven to be bogus medicine. This represents a challenge for both the user and the agencies because they have to ascertain that the treatments they either use or advocate are legitimate.

There exist today many alternative medical treatments that fall under natural medicine. However, not all of them have been proven to be effective. You could mention homeopathy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and other alternative medical treatments. It would pay to consult the experts as to the legitimacy of these treatments.

Natural medicine should also be thought of as an accompanying medicine. Right now, the current collective medical thought suggests that natural medicine be used only to supplement accepted modern medical practices. In that case of minor ailments your expert we actually advise you to take natural therapies instead.

The practice of modern medicine revolves around diagnosing an illness and prescribing treatments for such. Natural medicine is helpful because it suggests that treatment be not necessarily given only when sick. Natural medicine strives to make each patient practice good health habits. These habits include good diet, healthy living, and the regular natural treatment.

It is this same line of thought that leads our parents to tell us to eat our vegetables. Yes, a healthy lifestyle and will do no harm to our well-being. And this is the foundation of natural medicine ;may it be massage, herbal medicine, aromatherapy or others.

It is funny but true that science, in its quest for excellence, is studying the knowledge of sages past. This, surprisingly, leads us back to the remedies nature offers. The possibilities of finding remedies to everyday illnesses in natural medicine are encouraging. So staying tuned to studying these remedies is worthwhile until we can verify that these therapies are truly helpful to our health and our society.

James Yee is the webmaster of
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