The Intensive

 Skyrocket YOUR Experience of

Success, Satisfaction, and Fulfillment at The Intensive!!

October 20-24, 2016 Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Experience workshop is a prerequisite for The Intensive

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 If anything is possible, who will you be?

Discover yourSelf at The Intensive!

Just imagine—like others before you who have taken The Intensive, you could

  • raise $20,000 overnight to fund your film
  • lose 100 pounds and run the Honolulu Marathon
  • create "Wings for Girls"
  • write a screenplay
  • found a nonprofit organization to market scarves from Afghanistan
  • paint an entire gallery of paintings
  • become an international restaurant executive
  • create an AIDS Quilt panel
  • ride your bicycle across the country
  • become a top real estate producer
  • write Billboard Book of #1 Hits
  • develop top-selling Lotus software
  • raise $15,000 overnight for your favorite charity
  • start a youth hostel
  • formulate a complete personal-trainer curriculum
  • discover and achieve your own fabulous dream

It's time to STOP thinking about it and START manifesting your dreams!

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Let The Intensive be your next big step to dig deeper, go further, be more outrageous and successful!

The Intensive is all about YOU-- loving yourSelf, recognizing your vision for your life, and expressing that vision with freedom, passion and power!

The capital S in "yourSelf" is intentional, by the way. It refers to your most powerful Self, the one that operates from heart, spirit and vision.

No matter how great your life has been since finishing The Experience, The Intensive will help you expand to unimagined heights, and depth.

The Intensive is four dynamic and empowering days, where you can expect to be engaged, probably challenged, and have fun. A lot of fun.

Best of all, you’ll leave even better prepared to live in harmony and on your own terms.

Everything about The Intensive will expand your life...

Your Vision Reveals Your Path
Your personal vision is the organizing principle for your life; it’s what you declare your life to be about. As you create (or refine) your vision, you’ll clarify the pathway to your future.

Commitment Means No Matter What
To manifest your vision, you must trust yourSelf to stay committed, to know that you can hold fast, no matter what. You will very likely create a breakthrough experience and go beyond your comfort zone and what you might believe is possible. You will really feel your power!

You Are the Authority
To declare and manifest a vision, you must know you are the authority in your own life. Stop feeling blindsided by limitations from the past and release any blocks to experiencing yourSelf as your own authority.

Manifestation 101
Achieve a large goal of your choosing in a short period of time.  You'll notice what, if anything, gets in the way of producing the results you say you’re committed to. You’ll also be able to break through your personal barriers to success, so you will always know you can do anything you set your sights on.

Present YourSelf Powerfully
Truly see how you present yourSelf, and discover how you are received by others, as you get invaluable support to fine-tune for maximum success and effectiveness. 

Be Here Now
Reveal yourSelf in a variety of ways through verbal and non-verbal exercises that naturally support you in shifting from your head to your heart to stop holding yourself back and start expressing yourself even more fully.

Communicate for Results
Discover more about how you can speak and listen for results, and have your communications empower yourSelf and others. More powerful communication will revolutionize every area of your life.

Universal Energy
Learn to access and express the universal energy that connects all of us. Practice healing energy techniques and learn QiGong walking to deepen your ability to work with the universal energies in and around you.

Strengthen your understanding of important concepts of enlightenment and teamwork. It’s a playful way to be creative and express yourSelf more fully, while you discover more about working effectively in a small group.

Journey inside to focus on your vision and return with a deeper connection to your own spirituality and all of life.

All four days flow together seamlessly, building to a richer and deeper experience of your life, and catapulting you into an ever more powerful way of being.

The Intensive focuses on "going for it" - the ability, willingness, and skills to follow through in developing and achieving your vision and any other goals you choose.

Workshop details

The Intensive lasts five days.

Days 1-4 begin at 9 o'clock in the morning and include a one hour lunch break and several shorter breaks throughout the day. We conclude before dinner each day.

Day 5 is for you to rest and integrate what you have gained in the prior 4 days of The Intensive. It also allows you to solidify relationships with fellow participants, if you wish-- many lifetime friendships are forged in The Intensive.That evening we reconvene in a relaxed opportunity to be together, deepen learning and connection, and share in a more casual setting. It takes place at our home and includes dinner.

Drury Plaza Hotel is the host hotel for The Intensive. Located in the historic heart of Santa Fe, the Drury sits on five beautiful acres and brings friendly, award-winning hospitality service to the City Different. It is convenient to all local attractions, including the nearby historic Plaza, where you may enjoy many fine restaurants, galleries, museums, and shops.

Additional details will be sent to you upon registration.

  • Cost for all 5 days of The Intensive is only $895.
  • Early enrollment price just $775 - act now!

  • If you have taken The Intensive before and want to repeat it, limited "Chance to Remember" spaces are available for $500.

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The Intensive was four outrageously fun days about reaching, REALLY REACHING, to discover the goals of my heart and the ways I can play in life at my utmost potential and effectiveness!—Dave Hoemann, Chicago

Nothing else, not conventional therapy, not self improvement books, not even prayer could help me see what I wanted for my future. During The Intensive, I took out paper and pen, wrote down my ambitions and now, having concrete direction, I am taking the steps, knowing my vision is clear.—Deborah Massa, Florida

The value of The Intensive... I cannot put a limit to it. I actually LEARNED how to incorporate and use the Consciousness Scale in my day-to-day experiences. It clicked during the workshop and it has opened up a whole new way for me to face life.—Matin Maulawizada, New York

Two of the ten best days of my life happened during my Intensive. My life looks nothing like it did then. I have a new body, a new career, and deeper relationships than I ever dreamed possible.—David Horowitz, Phoenix

It's amazing what has been possible since I decided to commit to my vision and make it happen, no matter what. It's happening! What a blast!—Dawn Schmidt, Seattle

Since taking The Intensive, I have acted from a place of power in my life... I'm out in print and on the Internet. I'm halfway through a doctoral program in music, have written most of an oratorio, and am currently working on a musical.—Timothy Brown, Denver

Be a warrior of the heart—stay awake and live big!

You know from The Experience that your life is not a dress rehearsal. You've taken your eyes off the rearview mirror and are moving ahead. You, and your life, are ready to take off!

The Intensive will add velocity and clarity to your journey - the "nomatterwhatness" to realize, embrace and achieve your big dreams.

Besides, it's a blast!


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