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About Honey Ward

As a public speaker, seminar leader, corporate trainer, and program facilitator throughout the United States, I have had the good fortune to lead literally hundreds of events, touching thousands of lives during the past 20 years. At the same time, I’ve supported many additional people through personal and professional success coaching.

People say their lives are changed as a result of my work, for which I am grateful.

My own journey in personal transformation began when I took The Experience myself in 1979. Founded by Rob Eichberg, Ph.D. and David B. Goodstein in 1978, it was called the Advocate Experience at that time.

My life lit up like a light bulb and I knew I wanted to do and be more. My commitment, skill and desire to support and empower others allowed me to be mentored by Eichberg, and I began facilitating The Experience programs in 1987.

Founders Eichberg and Goodstein have both passed away, and I am honored to continue this important work.

Over the years I developed myself as a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Qigong Instructor. I have also deepened my skills through study and teaching with the best, in energy medicine (EFT/SET), breakthrough communication, NLP, and much more.

I was involved in creating one of the first well-being programs early in the AIDS epidemic, and have held board positions and leadership roles in many organizations and projects, ranging from politics to human rights. I’ve facilitated a wealth of meetings and events regarding financial empowerment, personal and professional effectiveness, vision crafting, relationship enhancement, self-actualization, coalition building, and leadership development.

Also, my experience as a small business owner gives me real world know-how and success in creating results in business and in life.

In addition to the programs I lead, I’ve also had fun serving as a keynote speaker and featured guest on radio and TV shows in Atlanta, Santa Fe, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other major markets.

In everything I do, my goal is to make the world a better place and support people to tap into their own innate reservoirs of love, truth, and wisdom. When that happens, people are more powerful, effective, and compassionate in every area of life. Sparks fly, hearts open, and the world starts to live up to its possibility.

And we all have fun in the process!

My partner, Sandy Davis, and I live in glorious Santa Fe, New Mexico, when we aren't vacationing somewhere at the ocean.


Feel free to contact  me:

1236 Vallecita Drive

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


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