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honey with arms  stretchedYou've done so much-

You've read all the books,                  

done affirmations, the works. 

You know it all in your head.               

Why isn't it working for you?

Because you can’t think your way out of limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

And if doing what you've already done was going to make life better, it already would have.

 It's time to to Expand Your Consciousness & Master the Law of Attraction so you can enjoy more success and fulfillment every single day.

 And that’s exactly what happens in The Experience workshop.

No matter how great your life is right now, it can be even better. And if it isn't so great, we can really help.

It's time to start enjoying the spiritual life, financial abundance, relationships, and business success you deserve!

It's time for you to Come Out in all ways and stop holding yourself back, just drop those barriers and live out loud.

You've probably heard about The Experience workshop. It's been around since 1978 and we've supported over 30,000 people to live more passionately and powerfully.

We started with a vision to support the gay community to love and empower itself, so we could make a difference and live more successfully.

Heck, we even founded National Coming Out Day, so we know a lot about coming out of all kinds of closets!

What if you're not gay? You are absolutely invited to be a part of our programs, too. The issues we deal with are about living more powerfully in all ways, and everyone can benefit from that.

In The Experience, you'll discover more about what makes you tick, drop any old baggage that's holding you back (maybe things you aren't even aware of), obtain tools and have experiences to expand your consciousness and live more powerfully in every area of your life.

Most importantly, you'll be more loving of yourself and others, and that could just be what life is all about.

If you're new to our work, The Experience is a great place to start your journey of empowerment.

We also offer an advanced seminar focused on personal mastery and vision, life and business coaching, organizational consulting, and a year-end spiritual retreat.

We don't offer these seminars with hundreds of people jumping up and down in a frenzy of enthusiasm that doesn't last. You can expect to expand your life for good in a group small enough for you to connect with other participants and receive personal support from me.

Please check out The Experience and anything else that catches your eye.

Remember, we're here to support you in living your very best life, and are committed to your success and fulfillment.

With love and respect,

Honey Ward

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

 Empowerment Enterprises LLC

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